Hear what Jeannette has to say about her Lila Flow Yoga Teacher Training experience in Costa Rica.

“I’m so excited to embody a big part of this YTT and share my knowledge. Maybe not in front of an entire classroom, but on a single person to person basis.”

Hear what Marites has to say about her Lila Flow Yoga Teacher Training experience in Costa Rica.

“I’m doing things I never thought I’d do. I’m doing inversions and inversions freak me out. I hiked in the jungle to a waterfall. I saw a turtle giving birth…”

Hear what Tyesha has to say about her Lila Flow Yoga Teacher Training experience in Costa Rica.

“I’m so happy that I came and now I see my doubts were unwarranted. I know it sounds cliche, but this really has been a life changing experience.”

Hear what Lyssa has to say about her Lila Flow Yoga Teacher Training experience in Costa Rica.

“I’ve met 12 beautiful, intelligent, and wildly different women... The teachers embody the movement and the philosophy… It’s a really well balanced program…”

Hear what Joyce has to say about her Lila Flow Yoga Teacher Training experience in Costa Rica.

“I came to the training to deepen my practice, but actually I do want to teach now. They gave me the confidence to do all the poses and teach me through each step.”

Nicole’s Experience

Read below to learn what Nicole had to say about her Lila Flow Yoga Teacher Training experience in Costa Rica.


“Attending the Lila Flow training was a transformational experience. Having spent the majority of my practice following online videos at home, I was a bit of a secluded yogi. I viewed my mat as an island and spent a lot of time in my head. Even when I went to studio classes I still felt like I hadn’t found my community. Getting to spend two and a half weeks with teachers and students who were as interested and excited to learn as me, who were open in sharing their personal experiences and rooting for each other's success made me feel that I had found, albeit transient, a yoga community.

With Lila Flow, not only do you get the benefits of an immersive learning experience, you get to wake up every morning to sip tea and eat mangoes at sunrise, move through two hours of vinyasa as the day heats up, spend afternoons snacking on home-made meals by the pool, and have your evening come to a close while meditating at the edge of the open-air shala, watching the last rays of sunlight cast a golden haze over the forest, beach and the ocean beyond.

Being a bit of a book nerd, I was excited to delve into the anatomy and history/philosophy discussions each afternoon. And although I did learn a great deal from the course readings and lectures, one of the biggest lessons I took away from the training was allowing oneself the space to mess up. You learn so much each time your try, you just have to grant yourself the leniency that the first, second, third time you practice teach a sequence, it’s not going to be as polished as your favorite teacher's. Getting out of my own way and allowing myself to learn through error was an important lesson not noted on the schedule, but is one of the biggest I took from the training.

Participating in the Lila Flow YTT gave me the opportunity to explore at a more in-depth level a practice that has become such a large part of my life. Going through the training, you become aware of just how vast the world of yoga is, whether studying the historical roots, religious mythology, Sanskrit, body/mind awareness, ayurveda, kundalini, chakras,…. You will learn an incredible amount of knowledge over the course of 2 weeks and leave feeling energized to continue to seek out more. Having completed my first YTT training, not only can I continue to develop my personal practice and study, Lila Flow has given me the skills to share this knowledge with others, allowing me to get off my island, get out of my head, and make connections with others through teaching the benefits of yoga.

Jeannette’s recap

Read below to learn what Jeannette had to say about her Lila Flow Yoga Teacher Training experience in Costa Rica.

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In the summer of 2018 I attended the Lila Flow yoga teacher training program. It is difficult to put into words the impact this training has had on my life and body.  I would like to take this review to speak to the therapists, nurses, trainers, and anyone who works with directly with patients or clients. To complete a yoga teacher training program, does not mean you are destined to teach in front of a yoga class.  The lessons, skills and body work translate to so many other careers and lifestyles. More than once during Lila flow training it occurred to me that Yoga teacher training should be renamed as: “Life in Balance training”. Aside from just asana’s (or the postures that yoga is often associated with) learning the history, philosophies and meditations translate are guiding principles by which we all should live our lives.  It is my personal opinion that yoga teacher training is a life requirement, in hopes to balance the world...and if I were to choose one training it would be Lila Flow with Taryn and Patricia.

A few words on the teachers: Taryn and Patricia are both talented and dedicated teachers.  They have found a passion for teaching yoga and have the experience, skills and education to inspire new yoga instructors.  Taryn’s background in dance shines through, and the education you receive in movement and anatomy is more complete than in other 200hr YTT’s. Patricia has a talent for teaching flow and breaking down postures so you feel skilled at knowing each pose from the core outwards. They are light-hearted, loving and patient.  

A few words on the space: I mean. You are practicing yoga in the jungle in Costa Rica? Do I really need to convince you?

(If you currently work as a Physical therapist, Occupational therapist or Registered Nurse, I recommend looking into taking this training with your education funds.)